Phases of the HCG Diet

The HCG drops are known to consist of several phases. However, HCG diet was initially not explained in terms of phases by its original creator Dr. Simeons. The HCG diet can easily be understood when it is broken into phases. The most common phases were outlined by Kevin Trudeau. However, not all the people have stuck with the Trudeau Phases hence lots of confusion from people who are interested in either the HCG drops or HCG diet. Before getting on the HCG Diet, make sure you know get them from the best place to buy real hcg drops.

HCG Phase 1

This is a cleansing and preparatory phase which was first invented by Kevin Trudeau. Some of the recommendations made by Kevin are very helpful and can help one to speed up his weight loss. The HCG Phase 1 is however not part of the original protocol which was developed by Dr. Simeons. This Phase is also considered to be time consuming, expensive and very complicated. Any person is always free to try it out but should first know that it is not incorporated into the Healthy HCG Plan.

The HCG Phase 2

The HCG phase 2 is normally divided into 2 major categories in the healthy HCG Plan. This makes it much easier for anyone using it to understand what is taking place. This phase lasts for around 26 or 43 days.

The three categories include:

  1. The loading phase

Here, one may begin taking the HCG drops and gorge one the high fat foods which will in turn help you to replenish the healthy reserve fat. This phase happens during the first two days of the Phase 2.

  1. The Core Phase

This phase refers to the 500 calorie diet days where most of your weight will be lost. This phase can last from 21 to 38 days. The number of days mainly depends on the total amount of weight you are interested to lose.

  1. The Taper Phase

In this Phase you are required to stop taking the HCG drops but continue with the 500 calorie diet. It only takes the last 3 days of the Phase 2.

HCG Phase 3

This Phase is also known as the stabilization phase. This is because it takes around 21 days which is 3 weeks to stabilize your new weight to prevent you from regaining the weight. In this phase you can eat whatever you want except for the starches and the sugars. The HCG drops are no longer necessary in this phase.

The HCG Phase 4

This phase is also known as the Maintenance Phase. This is the time when you return to your usual diet and maintain your body weight. There are no HCG drops or diet restrictions in this phase. It is important for anyone in this phase to eat healthy and stay active to avoid going back into the unhealthy habits. You can start another round of the HCG drops after 21 days.


People who weigh more than 30 pounds need to go through the HCG diet multiple times in order to lose their weight. Each time you are going through the HCG diet is known as rounds or course.


Boosting your metabolism

Best Tips of Boosting HCG metabolism

Health and Fitness are considered to be very important aspects in any person who is considering to loss body fat. Most of the people who have been involved in losing body fat can attest to the fact that the process of losing the last 10 pounds is the most difficult part compared to the whole process. Most of the people have always agreed that they do not have any idea to the amount of fat they need to loss in order to achieve a good body shape. It is however very important to note that the HCG drops diet cannot work alone. There is need to have your metabolism boosted in order to lose weight.

Having moderate training with weights and aerobics

It is very important to always start the process of burning fat with very low intensity weight training and aerobics especially when you are either overweight or obese. This will ensure that your body is not put to any form of unnecessary stress at the early stages. It is highly recommended that that you always work your way bit by bit till the high intensity training program. This will in turn help you in losing the most possible amount of fats in the body and boost your metabolism in return.

For an obese or overweight person, more and more repetitions with moderate weights are encouraged during weight training. There is no great need to have your muscles exhausted during the initial stages of training.

Bad Fat cut back

Insignificant weight gain can be caused by taking in of unhealthy foods. For example, when you take in fatty foods, your body burns the carbs to generate fuel and protein is used for repair. Hence, it is very important to always cut back on the bad fat and increase the intake of the good fats.

HCG Drops and weight loss

How can HCG Drops help in weight loss?

Most people are normally interested in losing their weight with more ease and in the most effective way possible. However, not all these people are aware with the right methods to have the excess fats removed from their body completely. For anyone who is interested in achieving their goal of losing weight, their first priority should be taking of the HCG hormone regularly.

HCG Diet

The HCG hormone is normally produced naturally by your own body. However, with the urge to reduce your body weight in the shortest time possible, there are HCG drops which are commercially produced to help support the needs of the customers.

Some of the ways the HCG drops help in weight loss include;

  1. Accelerate the process of burning body fat

Acceleration of the fat burning process is one of the major benefits which are associated with using the HCG drop. The HCG hormone will increase the use of the excess fat in the body hence removing all the unwanted fat cells from the body. Most of the HCG drop users are normally able to shed their body fats by 5-10 pounds within a single month especially with regular use of the HCG drop.

  1. Limits the absorption of calories in the body

The HCG hormone is known to be very effective is stimulation of use of energy levels in the body for it to successfully reduce the absorption of calories in the body. With frequent use of the HCG drop, you can reduce the intake of calories effectively. This will in turn limit the formation of fat in your body. This will enable you to maintain your body weight with much ease. Anyone who is serious on reducing his health weight should consider using the HCG drop frequently.

  1. Reduces users appetite

According to research findings, the HCG hormone has the capability of reducing the appetite of the HCG users significantly. According to researchers, most people are known to have lots of problems in losing their weight since they have uncontrolled appetite. The HCG hormone is very effective in regulating the overall functioning of the HCG users’ digestive system. Using the HCG drops enables one to effectively monitor and manage his/her diet with much ease. By being able to manage your appetite, you should find controlling your weight to be much easier.

  1. Monitoring of the blood glucose level

Ability to monitor the level of blood glucose in the body is another great benefit associated with the use of the HCG hormone. The HCG hormones normally play a very important role in helping to maintain the levels of the blood glucose in the body. IT ensures there is stable production of glucose in your blood stream hence maintaining the overall amount of sugar in the body. Successful control of the blood glucose in the blood is very important since it enables you to control your weight naturally. HCG drops also enables you to reduce the conversion of sugar to fat with much ease.

HCG Drops VS HCG Injections

Benefits of weight loss can be taken with HCG. However confusion is seen in the minds of the people on the question of accessing HCG drops or HCG injections. Through an injection daily, average weight loss can be managed. In case of HCG drops, it must be taken at least three times within a day. However, weight loss of average nature can be experienced on both the cases. About 2 pound of weight can be lost every day. Generally, two kinds of HCG can be observed in the market. They are HCG injections and HCG Drops. Further difference can be found in HCG drops with pharmaceutical nature and homeopathic nature.

HCG Drops VS HCG Injections – On Application Process

HCG Injections

hcg injections

One of the common methods for infusing HCG can be found with HCG injections. It is generally considered as an original method. For the first time HCG injections have been introduced in the year 1950s. During this time homeopathic or sublingual nature of the hormone cannot be observed. HCG injections are common standard. Therefore, it has been used by the people most of the time.

HCG injection must be infused within the body. It can be considered as a drawback of the system. Injection is injected through the abdominal area. Upper arms, buttocks and back can be considered as an infusion area as well. Pain, itchiness and swell can be felt in the area in addition to fear of injection. Similar problems cannot be observed with the HCG drops.

HCG Drops both pharmaceutical and homeopathic nature

hcg drops

HCG drops are consumed through the tongue. In case of homeopathic solution, dropper can be found in the pre mixed bottles as well. Absorption of the solution happens through blood vessels within the tongue. Similar effect to injection cannot be seen in the process with single dose. Therefore, HCG drops must be taken at least three times every day. In case of homeopathic solution of HCG drops, it can be increased up to six times. Consumption of food or water must be eliminated fifteen minute prior and after the drop. Flavor of the HCG drops are not well liked. Therefore, problems can be faced to hold the drop in the tongue for about two minutes. Effect of the HCG drops can be seen in longer amount of time quite naturally. If you want to have the best results with hcg drops, you need to buy the best hcg drops on the market!

HCG Drops Vs HCG Injections – Cost Comparison

HCG Injections

HCG injection can be purchased from physical clinic or web. Coach is required in order to infuse injection in the body. Consultation fees for the HCG injections are generally about $ 150. If the injection is taken for seven weeks then it can cost about $ 800 in total. Every injection can be obtained at the price of $ 15.

HCG Drops both pharmaceutical and homeopathic nature

HCG drops are purchased online now-a-days. HCG drops can be obtained at an affordable rate of $ 100 from a reputed and credible manufacturer. Support is provided through mails and phones as well. In order to avoid additional cost, it is better to read the features of the website minutely. Guaranteed weight loss can be seen in the process.

HCG Side Effects

HCG is a hormone that occurs in women during their pregnancy period that causes ovulation. It is also used in the treatment of infertility for women and improving sperm count in men. Moreover, HCG is also used for the young boys when they face the problem with testicles as the testicles do not normally drop down into the scrotum which is caused by the pituitary gland disorder. Nowadays for the over growing fad for weight loss program, HCG has been immensely used for the weight loss program as the HCG diet. Even HCG is available now online without the prescription. However, before using it without the consultation of the doctor is always dangerous. Even it has been seen that using the HCG diet with consultation of doctors can also by harmful. Therefore you should have adequate knowledge about HCG side effects before taking it.

slim body - lose weight series

Different Kinds of Side Effects of HCG

While using HCG, it has been often seen along with the needed effects, there are some unwanted effects cause most of the time. Therefore you should know the HCG side effects so that if you experience any kind of these symptoms you can consult to the doctor as soon as possible.


Common Side Effects for Females

Females commonly use HCG for their problem regarding pregnancy or sometimes for the weight loss program. The common HCG side effects for the females are stomach or pelvic pain. Sometimes they suffer with the problem of mild bloating.


Rare Side Effects for Females

Apart from the common side effects there are lesser common side effects about which you should be aware so that proper medical treatment can be obtained if any of these will occur. While taking HCG, some women feel severe abdominal or stomach pain and bloating. In some cases, women suffer with the problem of decreased amount of urine and feeling of indigestion. The symptoms of continuous nausea, diarrhea or vomiting also can be seen as HCG side effects. Even there are possibilities of severe pelvic pain, swelling of feet or lower legs and shortness of breath are there while consuming this drug. Moreover, one can experience a rapid weight gain. For all these symptoms, one needs to immediately consult to the physicians.


Side Effects for Males

While HCG is used for several treatments for males, they often suffer from ace, rapid development in the height and the growth of pubic hair. Even some of them have to suffer from the enlargement of penis and testes.


Undetermined Frequency of Side Effects

There are some HCG side effects whose frequency level cannot be determined as moderate or rare or common. These are difficulty breathing, itching of skin, flushing of skin, hives or welts, severe and sudden headache, slurred speech, vision changes, sudden loss of coordination, tightness in chest and sudden and severe weakness or numbness in arm or leg. Even there are symptoms such as pain in chest, groin, or legs, especially the calves and unusually warm skin. All these symptoms should not be taken lightly though sometimes they may not medication. When the body gets adjusted with this drug, these side effects may go away. Sometimes after stop taking the drug, you may experience the HCG side effects.

HCG Diet tips

There are lots of ideas which you normally hear about losing weight. HCG is definitely one of them. Most of us have come across lots of adverts in TVs, radios or print media talking on anyone interested to lose weight in the easiest way possible.

They however forget to provide you with some of the best tips while using the HCG diet. Here is some of the most important HCG diet plan which will ensure that you lose your weight in the most effective way possible.

  1. Always take your breakfast

Some people are normally known to be very eager to lose weight that they at times cancel some of their meals with breakfast being one of them. It is very important to note that taking breakfast is very important to your health since it normally advances your energy the entire day. It also raises your concentration levels and increases your well-being.

It is very important to note that the levels of glucose are normally very low when you wake up in the morning. Glucose is a very important product in your body since it is regarded as the basic fuel meant for the brain and the nervous system. However, when on HCG diet plan, you always don’t take breakfast. So what you need to take for your lunch is good to have it taken much earlier. For example you can decide to take your lunch fruits much earlier since it will be a very good start for breakfast. One of the best things to do is to have your daily meal spread all through the day provided you do not add more food to what you are required to take in.

  1. Always carry your personal snacks

There are times when you experience hunger just before lunch time or mid-way in the morning hours. One of the best things you can do is to always have your heathy snacks stored at the desk drawers.

  1. Always work for a bottle of water

When you have used your body fluids what happens next is exhaustion. This is the right time to consider keeping a room on your desk just for a bottle of water. Always take frequent sips all through the day with an aim of drinking a total of eight glasses in order to achieve the maximum level of hydration.

  1. Always avoid coffee overdose

When you take lots of coffee, you can be very nervous and bumpy. It is recommended that you have a maximum of a single cup of coffee if it interests you early in the morning and one extra during the day.

  1. Always exercise

You don’t have to spend an hour in the gym. Simple walk routines and 15 minute activities are enough. This will increase your heart rate, rate of metabolism and in turn lead to weight loss. It si of great important to always record your weight on a daily basis as it is one of the measures that will help you know if you are succeeding in losing weight.

HCG Diet Information

What is the HCG Diet and how to do it properly?

HCG refers to a hormone which is naturally produced in the human body. HCG diet drops are new product in the market which is based on the classic protocol which was first developed by Dr. Simeons. Thousands of people are said to have used the HCG diet protocol to tell their body to lose weight.

All individuals whether young, old female or male are entitled to the use of the HCG diet. However there are some exceptions on people who should not use the HCG diet, they are people who have BMI of less than 20, the pregnant or the nursing women, any child who is below 18 years old and anyone who is suffering from any serious health condition. It is normally recommended for any person who is interested in using the HCG diet to first check with the doctor.

The HCG diet plan is normally known to help millions of people to lose their weight. However, when you wrongly use the HCG diet plan, you are bound to get results which you were not hoping for. It is very important to know how the HCG diet works.

hcg diet1

The HCG diet plan

The HCG diet plan normally consists of two parts which are very important. The first part of the HCG diet plan is the HCG product you normally take. It has been recommended that HCG should be taken since it has the capabilities of helping to keep your hunger down while at the same time targeting the fat stored in your body.

The second part is the low calorie diet. Most of the people normally refer to it as the 500 calorie diet. However it is not the 500 calories or do you have to count the calories. In fact, the act of counting calories doesn’t work well.

The HCG diet plan has come with lots of uses and benefits. According to the findings by most of the researchers, HCG diet is considered to be one of the most effect diet plans which are capable of reducing the weight of the body while decreasing the fat from the various areas within the body. It should however be known that the HCG diet plan is not the most competent way of reducing the unwanted amount of fats in the body. The diet plan is also capable of reducing the levels of cholesterol even after the diet plan is completed.

There are two major ways in which the HCG hormone can be taken in. It can either be orally or through injections. The two major phases include;

Phase 1

This phase is also known as the loading or the gorging phase. You are normally allowed to eat as much food as you are able to during the first two days of the HCG diet plan.

Phase 2

Lots of fat and energy is stored in phase 2. Phase 2 starts from the 3rd day down to the 44th day. Very low calorie diet of around 500 calories per day on the maximum end is experienced here.