HCG Drops VS HCG Injections

Benefits of weight loss can be taken with HCG. However confusion is seen in the minds of the people on the question of accessing HCG drops or HCG injections. Through an injection daily, average weight loss can be managed. In case of HCG drops, it must be taken at least three times within a day. However, weight loss of average nature can be experienced on both the cases. About 2 pound of weight can be lost every day. Generally, two kinds of HCG can be observed in the market. They are HCG injections and HCG Drops. Further difference can be found in HCG drops with pharmaceutical nature and homeopathic nature.

HCG Drops VS HCG Injections – On Application Process

HCG Injections

hcg injections

One of the common methods for infusing HCG can be found with HCG injections. It is generally considered as an original method. For the first time HCG injections have been introduced in the year 1950s. During this time homeopathic or sublingual nature of the hormone cannot be observed. HCG injections are common standard. Therefore, it has been used by the people most of the time.

HCG injection must be infused within the body. It can be considered as a drawback of the system. Injection is injected through the abdominal area. Upper arms, buttocks and back can be considered as an infusion area as well. Pain, itchiness and swell can be felt in the area in addition to fear of injection. Similar problems cannot be observed with the HCG drops.

HCG Drops both pharmaceutical and homeopathic nature

hcg drops

HCG drops are consumed through the tongue. In case of homeopathic solution, dropper can be found in the pre mixed bottles as well. Absorption of the solution happens through blood vessels within the tongue. Similar effect to injection cannot be seen in the process with single dose. Therefore, HCG drops must be taken at least three times every day. In case of homeopathic solution of HCG drops, it can be increased up to six times. Consumption of food or water must be eliminated fifteen minute prior and after the drop. Flavor of the HCG drops are not well liked. Therefore, problems can be faced to hold the drop in the tongue for about two minutes. Effect of the HCG drops can be seen in longer amount of time quite naturally. If you want to have the best results with hcg drops, you need to buy the best hcg drops on the market!

HCG Drops Vs HCG Injections – Cost Comparison

HCG Injections

HCG injection can be purchased from physical clinic or web. Coach is required in order to infuse injection in the body. Consultation fees for the HCG injections are generally about $ 150. If the injection is taken for seven weeks then it can cost about $ 800 in total. Every injection can be obtained at the price of $ 15.

HCG Drops both pharmaceutical and homeopathic nature

HCG drops are purchased online now-a-days. HCG drops can be obtained at an affordable rate of $ 100 from a reputed and credible manufacturer. Support is provided through mails and phones as well. In order to avoid additional cost, it is better to read the features of the website minutely. Guaranteed weight loss can be seen in the process.


How can HCG Drops help in weight loss?

Great results are offered with the adequate and accurate use of HCG diet drops. More than 2lb of mass can be lost through the diet drops in a mere day. In the similar process, minimum 30 lbs of weight can be reduced within a month. It can easily go up to the weight loss of 90 pounds as well. Due to the reports of the weight loss with the diet drops lots of questions arise in the mind of the people. One of the prominent question asked by the people is how can HCG drops help in weight loss? Answers to the question can be found through the general information on the HCG diet drops quite naturally. While using HCG diet drops, you can pose a question on the functionality of the process quite naturally.

What is HCG?

HCG is an abbreviation of human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a kind of hormone found easily in the body of a pregnant woman. Development of fetus is managed with the help of this hormone. Successful pregnancy is ensured through HCG. Sexual organ of the baby is developed in the process. The phenomenon is true for both the female and male. On the other hand, necessary nutrient is provided to the fetus and the mother. Stored fat within the body is released through the blood stream. Burning of energy is seen in the process.

Importance of the HCG Drops

In order to take advantage of the HCG drops, you must include it in the diet on a daily basis. The substance is infused within the body orally. You can lose weight for about 1 to 2 lb in a day. Benefit of the drops can be taken whether you are a man or woman. HCG is a natural ingredient as it can be found within the body during pregnancy especially. Pain of the injections can be eliminated with the HCG drops. Your visit to the HCG clinic can be limited in the process. It enables you to save a lot of money quite naturally. Additional exercise is not required in order to get the advantage of the HCG. Pangs of hunger cannot be felt due to consumption of HCG drops. Purest form of HCG must be obtained to have an effective result. Purchase of the HCG drops can be made without prescription. By increasing the energy level, HCG drops helps to burn the fat naturally. Therefore, if you are physical active then you can lose more amount of weight easily. Nutrients are extracted from fat to achieve the goal without muscle loss.

In order to understand how can HCG drops help in weight loss, you must go with a diet of low calorie in addition to HCG drops. About 4500 calories can be burnt in a day through HCG drops. Weight loss is achieved in a consistent basis with the drops.

Previously, only 500 calories can be taken in a day with the HCG drops. If you want to increase the food consumption then it can be done as well. Influence of the HCG drops can be observed with the diet of 1200, 1000, 800 calories.