Phases of the HCG Diet

The HCG drops are known to consist of several phases. However, HCG diet was initially not explained in terms of phases by its original creator Dr. Simeons. The HCG diet can easily be understood when it is broken into phases. The most common phases were outlined by Kevin Trudeau. However, not all the people have stuck with the Trudeau Phases hence lots of confusion from people who are interested in either the HCG drops or HCG diet. Before getting on the HCG Diet, make sure you know get them from the best place to buy real hcg drops.

HCG Phase 1

This is a cleansing and preparatory phase which was first invented by Kevin Trudeau. Some of the recommendations made by Kevin are very helpful and can help one to speed up his weight loss. The HCG Phase 1 is however not part of the original protocol which was developed by Dr. Simeons. This Phase is also considered to be time consuming, expensive and very complicated. Any person is always free to try it out but should first know that it is not incorporated into the Healthy HCG Plan.

The HCG Phase 2

The HCG phase 2 is normally divided into 2 major categories in the healthy HCG Plan. This makes it much easier for anyone using it to understand what is taking place. This phase lasts for around 26 or 43 days.

The three categories include:

  1. The loading phase

Here, one may begin taking the HCG drops and gorge one the high fat foods which will in turn help you to replenish the healthy reserve fat. This phase happens during the first two days of the Phase 2.

  1. The Core Phase

This phase refers to the 500 calorie diet days where most of your weight will be lost. This phase can last from 21 to 38 days. The number of days mainly depends on the total amount of weight you are interested to lose.

  1. The Taper Phase

In this Phase you are required to stop taking the HCG drops but continue with the 500 calorie diet. It only takes the last 3 days of the Phase 2.

HCG Phase 3

This Phase is also known as the stabilization phase. This is because it takes around 21 days which is 3 weeks to stabilize your new weight to prevent you from regaining the weight. In this phase you can eat whatever you want except for the starches and the sugars. The HCG drops are no longer necessary in this phase.

The HCG Phase 4

This phase is also known as the Maintenance Phase. This is the time when you return to your usual diet and maintain your body weight. There are no HCG drops or diet restrictions in this phase. It is important for anyone in this phase to eat healthy and stay active to avoid going back into the unhealthy habits. You can start another round of the HCG drops after 21 days.


People who weigh more than 30 pounds need to go through the HCG diet multiple times in order to lose their weight. Each time you are going through the HCG diet is known as rounds or course.